Book Publishing & Packaging

Have you written the great American novel ... a delightful children's book ... a travel guide ... or an autobiography of your adventure-filled life?

As writers and publishers of the "Michigan Vacation Guide" book series (now in its 8th edition), we have some knowledgeable insight into the ins and outs of book publishing. We'll openly discuss the challenges facing new authors (it's not as impossible as you might think.) We'll help you understand:

• The differences between book distributors and wholesalers
• Finding the right publisher (perhaps you may want to self-publish)
• Finding low-cost, quality book printers
• How get your book into major bookstores
• Free or low-cost book promotion strategies

For self-publishers, we'll be happy to design your book cover and professionally layout the book pages. We'll also be happy to edit your materials or provide ghost writing services.

We'll help you get started on that best seller!